September 27, 2010

Monks, around Pashupatinath Temple

Most of the visitors went to Pashupatinath Temple for the Hindu funeral culture, but there are also monks not to be missed.
With Panasonic GF-1 mounted with 20/1.7 lens, I made quick excursion around the temple area to cature some of the monks practice around here.  Of course the monks still looked quite the same, their practice may be not, at least I doubt so.  After all, this is 2010.
But really I don't care that much.  May be it will be different if I am working on a special article - which is tempting, but for now, I am a tourist taking some travel photographs, I will give it a beak, I will give myself a break.
Realism is one thing, drama is another.  Once I decided to careless the story behind the picture, the actual production part was quite effortless, and fun, and relaxed.  And then you can look at the picture with a slightly different perspective. For example this elder monk, with his hair so long that I was convinced that perhaps he did not cut it for decades.  But how does this has anythiing to do with religious practice, it is not a subject here.

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