September 28, 2010

Around Bhaktapur 1

Bhaktapur, the town of devotees, or known as Bhadagon, or Khwopa.  Consisted of 3 squares: Darbar Square,  Taumadhi Square and Dattatreya Square.  As I wroe many times, this is a true world heritage site, because people is living there, and how they live, their religious life, are all part of the world heritage, not just ancient stone, brick or wood.  It does not operate in hours, with a gate to open in the morning and ask you out before it close.  When you visit there, you are also part of it, any visitor can easily blend into this serentic place, or live here if he wishes.  While wandering around, I also saw quite many small boutique hotels inside the squares - what a mistake we did not stay here!
Our breakfast place itself is such a set up!  An ancient building in its own right, a 3-storey wood structure building that sitting inside here, you get an elevated panoramic view of the square.  Walking up, I passed the kitchen on the 2nd floor, and snap an image of the cook patiently waiting for the food to be ready.  Shot with Canon 5DII + EF 24-105/4L IS.
Finding out the food is still in the kitchen, I upload the camera bag and leave it in the top floor where some of my fellow photographers already there, and took my Canon 5DIi ith EF 24-105/4L IS hurried down the building to find something interesting.
And here a small shrine, some Nepalese women doing their morning religious practice. I was shooting my picture really close to them but none of them seemed to care, they are just so much into their routine as if it is a life lesson, or indeed it is - so take my advice - take you time, get the picture you want, or trying until you get what you want.  Repeat: Nepal is paradise to photograph people.  And one more tip: the Canon 5DII or many HDSLR nowadays, with the ability to capture beautiful cinematic footage. Use it, you have already paid for it.

Time to get back to breakfast.  I ahve myself a nice set up by the balcany, while enjoy my breakfast - seriously speaking, I am not a fan of Nepalese food, which extends to its breakfast, but sure it is totally acceptable.  However, considered the set up I have, the view, I really cannot say it was not wonderful.  I slowly set up my Canon 1Ds III on tripod, mounted with EF 35/1.4L lens, softly pressed the shutter for some long exposure shots, to register the somewhat busy morning market.

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