September 30, 2010

Around Bhaktapur 3

Often people asks me what about Nepal, it is not a difficult answer, but at the same time it is also hard to describe it briefly and precisely, and sometimes my answer is sunshine, and colors. And in this trip, I saw plenty of both.
Continue to wander around the Bhaktapur Squre, all the time with a Panasonic GF-1 with me, it is like a visual notebook, and I took quite many images such as this, a perfect example of sunshine and color, Nepalese color.  Sometimes photography is not such purpose driven, many images took simply because at that instant, it is just so attractive, of course, often is also serves documentary value, representing something of sometime. Digital image, thanks to its metadata, honestly reocorded the date, time, and many model even allow GPS geotag, perfect for travelers.
Or sometimes just a simple image such as this, also with GF-1, a simple repre-sentation of colors popular in the market.  The high quality GF-1 and its 20/1.7 lens, perfect for this kind of docu-mentary work, faithfully and detaily record the fine texture.
Also such as the pattern, color on the fabric, clearly identify the Nepalese culture.  It is suggested that photographer should not, or at least it is what I will try to convice, to open to more photographic subjects, because during the process one may inspired by other elements of the image can create something else, sometimes something totally not expected.  Or, the photographer should not put pressure on himself that each day, each hour he should produce something, at least this is not when you are traveling for pleasure.

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