November 13, 2010

More on Sarankot

Along the small strack in the descent, small Nepali households scattered around, and my GF-1 is firing almost non-stop.
Colors after colors flying through my eyes, registered by the GF-1.  And this is what I would suggest people who travel for photograph - "don't limit yourself".  Carefully with your tool, and frame your subject, and you can turn almost anything into interesting subjects, at least it is to me.  For example this one, perhpas of no sigfinicance whatsoever, but the angle of sun light and shadow, the color of the wall, the open door, the door mate....compose a nice image to me and something to display a typical Nepali house in the Sarankot area.
Another example here also make on the door step except this time with the picture titled so the image looks a little more interesting besides it lighting and color elements.
Here is a snap shot on the locally woven tapestry sold along the track, among many other little vendors. I am not typically a tapestry collector but these to me represent the colors of local.
A Nepali woman busy with her tapestry, may be buisness is good!  Whatever it is, like all the Nepali I met, they are seemed to be quite happy.
This Nepali gril, still wrapped herself with a blanket, seemed still not recover from last night's chilliness.  Her face and the pencil sketch on the wall attracted me to take this image.  This is a tip to photogrpaher that try to find the available elements together to make an image more interesting.
A classic travel picture on people, a happy mother and her baby. There is no better smile in the world than a mother with her bably.  Always a good subject, and they are always (almost) welcome photographer.  Reader with careful eye will tell that I tilt my camera to capture this image, and for good reasons.  First is of course to display the image with a little more action, as our eye reads the tilted image with more expected motion than looking at an angle perfectly leveled that suggest stillness - however be careful not to over do.  Then, more importantly, is to also put the little Nepali posters into the picture so to portrait her jobs, while have to take care her baby.
And this is an image of 2 Nepali woman with load, the image captured both of them keeping their face down as if the pressure from life is heavy, and perhaps indeed it is.  Image such as this, in my point of view, will be better without seeing their faces.  There are photographers may try to wait until the subject's face is visible, not necessary!  This is photojournalism, not a staged image, just keep it nature.
Another example here, a boy proudly presents his work.  Boy is a good subject, much more so in Nepal.  And one of the easiest way to engage your subject with your image is to find common ground.  Don't be selfish with just the image you want to have, but also to try to learn what your subject cares, then your subject will work with you, and they work with you for a lot longer.  Of course, one should not just focus on his own interests of getting the image.  Through conversation, you get to know one person, one society, one culture better, and all will eventually contribute to your work, not just the image itself.
Another image of mother and son!  The descent is almost over, the bus in sight.  It would be another nice nap in the bus to get back to the hotel! And breakfast!


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