November 22, 2010

Travel Gear

At the beginning of the blog I have posted that for me, and perhaps for most of photographers, gear choice for a photography trip is always a tough call, one that usually did not get done until you really have to leave for airport. No exception for this Nepali trip, and as usual, I packed a lot, in fact more than I need. But I made such a decision determined that I will carry those weight, and not to complain, and I did not.
After the early morning treck to Sarankot, I was a little tired so again, I got myself a little nap in the bus.  Returned back to our home at Pokhara, the beautiful Fulbari Resort & Spa, we went directly to the breakfast, filled up my hungry stomack.  It will be a few hours before the afternoon program to Phewa Lake, we will have good rest and an easy buffet lunch at the hotel, so we all retire back to room.  I back-up the images to my hard drive, and made some arrangement of the data, and clean up gear.  I have a room for myself, spacious, so I was able to give a total check up of the gears - also, it is closing to the end of trip, so I just want to have an overall look at the condition of the gears I carried for this trip. So I put everything on the room floor, close by the window, to give them a breath. Also to take this shot, with GF-1.
These cameras, lenses, computer and accessories all packed into 1 LowePro backpack, one Pelican 1510 Case (my favorite), a Tenba Lens Trunk for the large Leica and one Victorinox pullman I used for years.  It is true I have more than averaged share of gears, but except some of the latest ones, I in fact take care my gear well, many of them servicved me for well over 10 years, and some even close to 20 years.  So as the backpack, Pelican case and Tenba, which all served over 10 years.  And this is what I would suggest the photographers to stay with your carrying back as long as you can, because you can develop a way of packing your gear in the same bag and also by familiar with your bag, it is not just easy to find you gear efficiently, you can also find anything missing or something wrong quickly.
But is it suggested to carry these many for a trip, certainbly no!  I can easily shoot most of the shots with much less gear, but however, with the available gear with me, in fact I use all of them.
Here is a video clip using Panasonic GF-1 to scan through the gears I carried for this trip.

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