August 25, 2010

Life in the Bagmati village

Of course, photography is not the only fun traveling in Nepal, but then it also depends on how one perceive his camera.  To me, a cemra on hand is often no different from a paint brush, or even a pen, the pictures are story, sometimes beyond words - particular in capable hands.  Or, one can always come back, with his photographs, and put words on them, like keeping a blog.
To me, the image is a preservation of moments, it has the significant meaning to the one who shot it, or those being shot at, with intention or not, the moment the shutter pressed, it is there.  Shot with Canon 1Ds III + EF 100/2.8 L Macro IS. I often wondered, when I look through those images, what and how people read them?  But may be it does not matter.
Here in this little Nepali village, life is quite simple. Perhaps it is simpler because of people has less desire?  Or they don't have such luxury to desire?
A few portrait here, all with Canon 1Ds III + EF 100/2.8 L Macro IS.

And these few, with Canon 5DII and EF 24-105/4L.
And of course the kids. Also shot with Canon 5DII + EF 24-105/4L IS.

And an all too familiar scene, the water.Here this little girl working diligently to fill her bucket besides a well. But just like those many at hard working, the Nepalese perhaps by their religion, have peace within themselves, not seemed to be bothered by their fate. They of course watch Hollywood movies, those fast and furious, but those were just fairy tales, or is it us that is not in reality?

Here in this remote village, somewhat disconnected from the digital world. a girl is still a girl, with her necklace, pendant, bracelet, and beautiful smile.

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bee hive said...

Life in the Bagmati village is wrong that is Khokana Village.