August 24, 2010

Beginning of a day

People who live in civilized world may not understand that they are blessed, if to consider many people who lives in 3rd world countries may start their day just to get water, which is a rather common scene in Nepal, even in Kathmandu.
After gathered our gear, we went back to our bus and another 10 minutes later we arrived at a small village where we will spend 2 hours here for our own image works.  As how the locals start their day, I started this image with the Nepali already queued up their buckets waiting for their daily needs. Not a bad subject for people like me trtavels for photography, this is some subject to shoot, but consider as simple as it is, is in fact how they live, actually quite sad.  Which reminds me what I read as a boy, wrote by Helen Keller, "....there are people complain about their shoes, there are people born without foot...." - this is from my vague memory, not the exact quote, but says many things.  Image taken wtih GF-1.
This is a small village, the morning of late March in Nepal was still somewhat chilled, some elder people sit outside with blanket wrapped around to get warm.  This one shot with Canon 1Ds III with EF 100/2.8 Macro IS L.  I like to use macro lens pareticular for this occassion, that I can get a very quick head and shoulder shot but also be able to get a lot closer, when chance permits.
And here a young Nepali girl, opened the window and some of her morning routine.  Girls, regardless of their living standards, are somewhat alike. Canon 1Ds III + EF 100/2.8 Macro IS.
As with the little girls, the little boys or girls around the world, regardless the level of civilization they live, or for that matter, different time of history - are all more or less the same; the cry, the laugh, the play.  Emotion of human hardly changed as we developed, perhaps true for all animals - but I can't speak for them.
The love, sorrow, joy wrote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or William Shakespeare is still as fresh as today as it was then.
In this little village of Bagmati District of Kathmandu, time has a different pace, one would seem to find extra peace and clam here, it was early morning, but I feel the morning last a lot longer than in the larger cities I am familiar with.
This image, two Nepali woman walk side by side on the street, stay close as if they are keeping the warmth together, shot with Canon 5D II with EF 24-105/4L.  I shot the picture from behind. Of course one can also shot in the front, but my preference of story telling, this works better for me.
This is another shot of a boy quietly watched me taking the picture, the morning sun bathe the brick wall, gives the image a more homy feel. Canon 1Ds III + EF 100/2.8 IS.
And this one taken with Canon 5D II with EF 24-105/4L, show the calm, ordered, small village street.
Some Nepali kids, with Canon 5D II + EF 50/1.2L.  I like the way Nepali people before the camera, they are just nature!
And here a vendor rush himself to the small street market, shot with Canon 5D II with EF 24-105/4L, at 24mm, the wide angle setting gave this image an extra drama.
A shop keeper sweeping the street in front of her shop. Also with a Canon 5DII + 24-105/4L. Careful reader will find that I use a slower shutter speed to allow a little motion blur, always my preference of picture such as this.

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