July 9, 2010

More walk around Patan Palace

Still early in the morning, but I am starting to build up some images I was hoping to get. It was a beautiful morning, a warm rising run, and a city like Kathmandu at such medium elevation, late March is exceptionally nice, for photography.
Continue walking around the Patan Palace, looking for more interesting subjects.  And in a Hindu nation such as Nepal, the monk is something a scene itself. There are much legends about the monks, one might get quite confused as how they practice today, especially in this toruism booming city, at this toruists jammed spot of the city, and expect to meet photographers hunting for them.  And they came as a small group, with a pocket (more or less like a manager of the group who collect rupees??), and pose for photos, exchange for rupees. I must understand this does not represent all of them, but there might be quite many of them adapted themselves into the tourism schedule.  Not that I am not interested at photographing thses monks, it is just something of a little confusion to me, to picture them against those I read from books. But hey, this is the era of internet, e-book, the age of iPAD, traditional book is quite an old concept now. So I still fired away some pictures.
And some street interests.  Here is a common shop front around the Patan Palace, the way the use the locker attracts me, I don't see it other place in the world, but it sure does good job here, at least it is to me.  And this is the fun of travel for photography, you get to see something special to you, and in the process of making an image, it has a permanent imprint in your mind.
The kids play, whereever in the world, is always a nice subject, and one of the most easy to find, as long as you look for it.  Here in Patan Palace, is rather a common scene.  Three Nepali kids play their game.  It was a shame I did not approach closer to find out, but for the purpose of making the picture, here I was using the Canon 1Ds III with EF 85/1.2L lens, I am a little away, but also I was able to quietly to record the image.

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