June 7, 2010

Panasonic GF-1, how good it is?

I use lots of cameras, much more than I really need. From all kinds and sizes of film cameras to many different digital cameras or capturing devices, 60mpx medium format digital back, multi-shot medium format digital back - use on technical cameras, medium format cameras, Leica M8/M9, and the best Canon or Nikon can offer, to small ones such as Contax TVS Digital, Canon G9/G10....I must say, the Panasonic GF-1 is a sweet spot camera to me, for what it can do.
Initally I bought Panasonic GF-1 as a studio snap-shot camera and for video clips, or for a travel compact, it quickly found its space in my computer backpack, becomes my everyday camera.  Half way into my Nepal trip, I reconfirm it to be an excellent production tool.  Yes, it cannot reporduce the size of picture from my bigger Canon and medium format digital backs, but it is close to a Leica M8, and the image it can produce has no problem for common coffee table book pictures, or magazines.  But it has a lot more appeals.
Full manual control, fast to focus, excellent pancake 20/1.7 lens (all but 3 images from my Nepal trip - thousands, produced from this tiny yet powerful lens).  It is so small that it is always in your hand, and seldom let go a photography opportunity. With Leica closely associated with Panasonic, this is to me a camera Leica should have done - the Leica spirit of image making, except - it is autofocus, and auto many things else!  But this is 2010, photography today is a lot differnt from those old days, and we need to move on.  As this blog goes, I will certainly cover more story with images from GF-1.
Few images taken with Panasonic GF-1 + 20/1.7 to share, all taken at the Swayambhunath Stupa, first day of the Nepal trip.
A young Nepali man.
A kid just finished his private thing. In public, but this is Nepal.

A young monk.

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