June 1, 2010

Getting there!

Although one may travel to Nepal by foot, bike, or with automobile, most travelers fly there, I am among them.  Departing from Bangkok - where I live, Thai Airway daily service TG 319 departs around 10:35am to arrive Kathmandu at 12:45pm,  here is my first tip - book your seat ahead of time!
Thait Airway's route from Bangkok to Kathmandu will fly to a distance where you will be able to see the world's highest peak - more on this later.  To give yourself a most convenient view, seat on the farest right seat, usually it is "K", try to avoid those rolls around the wing! If you are not sure, check this.
Now, a heated debate between Chinese and the rest of the world, the name of the highest peak on earth. Let's not to repeat where the name "Everest" came from, most already know or can check easily online, here I just explain her native name - in fact in Tibetan, which pronounced "Chomolangma" - Goddess Mother of the World, to me, it is a much more beautiful name and one much more justified. Chinese adopted it, called it "珠穆朗玛" or by its meaning "聖母峰", petition to the rest of the world - respect the name in its mother language, OK? In Chinese written history and on Qing Dynasty's map, already identify this holy and beautiful peak, although did not define it as the highest peak on earth.  Reaching 8,848m (29,029ft) above sea level, is also around the cruising altitude of the airbus, and you would probbaly see the plume blowing off the top of the peak, and by now you are about to arrive Kathmandu! 

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