October 29, 2010

Nagarkot to Pokhara

Pokhara, a very charming town in Nepal, it is a must visit place when one travels to Nepal.   Just about 200km west of Kathmand, or 230km from Nakargot, the journey to there will take the rest of the day, a 6-7 hours bus ride. Talking about travel in Nepal!  So, again, I turned on my iPod, put on ear-phone, prepare for the long ride ahead.
However boring the ride is, the beautiful landscape of Nepal and photogenic Nepali make it up.  Along the road to Pokhara is beautiful, but not breath-taking beautiful, perhaps I have been to a lot of place of dramtic landscapes, but it does make the journey a nice ride - not the road itself, it is decades behind modern standard.  But I am more attracted to by the nice Nepali people, so I took a lot less scenery, a lot more people, with just the Panasonic GF-1 and 20/1.7.
This area, of no particular significance, we stop here just to pee, but I use the GF-1 to snap a series of images for this panoramic picture.  I wish then I have the SONY NEX-5 so I could have made it a lot faster and a lot more.
Just while I was waiting for some fellow travelrs to finish their private business, I was not too far away some kids playing, so I ran over there, and shoot a small video clip of their playing.
Quite interesting, the kids of Nepal, or in general poorer country, never being less happier because they have less? Less material but a lot more nature! And nature freedom, and I often see they are more happier. Shouldn't we all?
Looking around, I also see this simple image, but nice color and interesting window pattern, also a made a quick snap.  The small and powerful GF-1 shows its ability here that regardless its smaller sensor, the image produced is certain of extremely high quality, and for most applications, more than enough.

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