October 28, 2010

Bhaktapur Square to Nagarkot

We are on the bus again, heading to Nagarkot.   Some 2,195 meters above sea level, and just 32km east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is one of the most popular place to enjoy the scenery of Himalaya range.  And as most places in Nepal, it takes time to get there, the bus runs slow here, even slower on country roads, and even much slower on mountain roads.  It was mid afternoon, a little tired from early wake up, the walks around the Bhaktapur Square, once I settled in my couch on the bus, turned on my iPod and put on my earphone, before I realize it, I was in sleep.
As with all the mountain area, weather is quite un-predictable and very seasonal, in my sleep I somehow felt the car was slowly ascending, stop every once awhile, and kept going.  With full expectation to arrive Nagarkot to really enjoy the Himalayan view, I was disappointed!  Not that Nagarkot is not beautiful, not that the hotel is terrible - in fact, the hotel is great, comfort and with a set up perfect for photography, except one also needs perfect weather to shoot, and today is not the day, and I also realized that I did not miss much the way up!  It was quite a hazy afternoon and you can only photograph clouds.

After settled down in my room and asked for the sunset time and prepare my cameras, I took another small nap!
I have in this trip carried more cameras and lenses than I needed, as always, so sometimes they did take toll on my physic strength so an afternoon nap is not that all bad, I just hate the idea that I took it here in Nagarkot!  However  thanks to the age of internet, I have no picture to share, but here is one that I could have taken given the good weather.  There is always a tomorrow!
It was around 5pm I woke up, took a Canon 5DII and EF 70-200/2.8L IS, i set out to a small hill top hoping somehow the clouds will break and there will be a slightest view to capture!
None, so I just snap a boring sunset picture with my 5DII and called the day off.  And this is a picture I called "desperate picture".  Desperate in a sense that I really don't need to or to have to shoot this picture, this is not even what I called "I was there" picture, just that I took a hike up to a small hill to hope to get something, so I pressed the shutter of the camera to get it work, even just one capture.
Evening was buffet, nothing to write home about but considered this is Nagarkot, I would say this evening is one of the better meals in this trip so far.  For a moment I was thinking about making some time exposure shots but then decided to have a night rest, perhaps working on some of the image data captured during the trip so far, and make some arrangements on the motion data as well.
Hopefully after a night sleep, I will wake up to see the sky cleared, and a full display of Himalayan range. I prepared the tripod, the camera, then good-night for the day.

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